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    > > I suppose you do, like I do, but I don 't
    > > think we stay that the " same " in the same context as you provide
    > > for the spider though !
    > The human organism/creature stays the same, absolutely. Show me the
    > evolution of homo sapiens sapiens.

    That is what I did intend, we stay the same at the organism/ creature level, like the spider does, but in what the spider does, ( making webs) it remains the same_ where IMO, in what the human does we differ all the time.

    The context have influence/ reflects our inner moods/ habits and traits. What we think we are ( consumer/ parent/ lover/ son/....) reflects our performance accordingly. The spider its performance remains IMO the same, although it shows parental/ lover- like behavior when the time is there, but IMO we can 't compare both.

    When we perform as a consumer and show behavior accordingly; that will differ from the performance when we were to act as parents, lovers, sons, taxpayer or cabdriver...where IMO the performance of the spider remains the same if it is making webs against new branches; walls or leafs.

    > But, no, the animal in the middle, while biologically evolving, is
    > doing so at unrecordable rates.
    > If you think we do not stay the same, I really need some proof of that,
    > at organism level.

    The evolution of homo sapiens sapiens can 't be seen at the organism level, although I don 't think that isn 't quite justified to say because, we after all, determine the definition of evolution itself_ we say what evolution is and what it isn 't !

    But in memetic perspective, no I do think we don 't stay the same, we differ from the human we were a minute ago...we have learned, heard, seen, touched, smelled something by which our body and mind had adapted to it, our brain had put something in the memory- thanks, our brain buffered solutions.... I thought your performance- scheme counted that in....!?

    When each performance must be anew created, what results out of such an evolution must be accordingly ' anew ' on whatever level !? No !? That is in my opinion the evolution of homo sapiens sapiens of today...


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