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Date: Mon 17 Mar 2003 - 20:15:57 GMT

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    > Do you have any examples of this happening in US courts?
    > > Already, in the US people were released due to the fact that their
    > > could show to the court that a " pathomeme" invaded their client 's

    Hi Lawrence,

    The example I recall was about a rapist, I think it was in Florida, could be wrong though. I have the details somewhere, know what it's like.... What I recall was that the guy had some defect by which his behavior was altered and he couldn 't control his bodyfunctions like he should do. I think it was in the beginning a genetic defect which did work thru ' to the brain by which signals were bad received and thus bad signals were to be send back....

    I have to find the article....

    > I would not consider braindamage to be a 'pathomeme'

    Maye I wouldn 't either, but it was the best term I could think of. But like the above describes, braindamage could result in the inplan- tation of a ' bad ' meme....

    Hope this helps, if not...


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