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    It is not possible to see everything undistorted- that is omniscience, and only imaginary creatures have it. Perception is always an act of filtering an already incomplete and referentially biased input, not to mention the fact that one cannot see oneself, perhaps the most important player in the scene....

    - Wade

    Yes, that's especially true about the stories we tell ourselves and others when recounting the story of our lives. We are the central figure but we are seldom see that role the same as people around us see us in it. I went back and interviewed many members of my family to get material for a book and found that a lot of what I remembered was much different from the way they remembered it. I doubt that any of us remembered things exactly as they happened, but we do tend to make what we remember fit into the story as we like to tell it.

    Even when I look into the mirror, what I see is colored by what I want to see. Pictures of me somehow show a different person than the one I see in the mirror. There is both truth and fiction in every reflection of my life and being.


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