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    >On Sunday, March 16, 2003, at 12:23 PM, memetics-digest wrote:
    >>are there [things] that can distort your
    >>view so that you are less able to see reality
    >Our ability to see reality is already an open conjecture, yes? How 'able'
    >is 'able'?
    >It is not possible to see everything undistorted- that is omniscience, and
    >only imaginary creatures have it. Perception is always an act of filtering
    >an already incomplete and referentially biased input, not to mention the
    >fact that one cannot see oneself, perhaps the most important player in the
    I wonder if the notion of a Darwinian universal acid is a cognitively active distorter of reality. This hallucinogenic agent (the U.A.) may cause one to see Darwinian processes ("algorithms") at work everywhere one looks. If it's good enough for biological evolution (and there's question as to how much a Darwinian selectionist account actually covers in this more proper realm), it thus must be good enough for individual psychology, cultural phenomena, and perhaps even cosmology...

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