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Date: Fri 14 Mar 2003 - 16:11:46 GMT

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    > I suppose you do, like I do, but I don 't
    > think we stay that the " same " in the same context as you provide
    > for the spider though !

    The human organism/creature stays the same, absolutely. Show me the evolution of homo sapiens sapiens.

    The context is what is changing in cultural evolution, and it changes so quickly by comparison with biological evolution that we've taken notice and attached 'memetics' to the study of its evolution.

    But, no, the animal in the middle, while biologically evolving, is doing so at unrecordable rates.

    If you think we do not stay the same, I really need some proof of that, at organism level.

    The day might be coming, but it ain't here yet, the day of homo sapiens testubulus.

    - Wade

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