Dennett article on post-modernism

From: Wade T. Smith (
Date: Fri 14 Mar 2003 - 12:45:08 GMT

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    Dennett has a wonderful little talk at about, mainly, the criticism of science.

    In it, he defines 'meme' as 'a replicating idea', taking the popular side of that term's charming half-life. And if we want to define a meme as a replicating idea, which seems, to me, to be fine, then can we reduce memetics to be merely a job of discerning propagation patterns? What about defining 'idea', and even, in this light, 'replication'?

    I like, in a way, the simple, MTV model of meme- hey, dude, spread that meme. It seems somehow right to relegate that word to slang.

    - Wade

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