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    > > How can we be the human in what we perform if the performance-space is
    > > constantly changing' !?
    > The exact same way a spider remains a spider even though it needs to
    > make a completely different web, every time, against a new branch or
    > wall or leaf.


    But the spider lives on instinct, it has no self- relfection like we do ! Do you call the entity that constantly participates the random changing environment the human !? I suppose you do, like I do, but I don 't think we stay that the " same " in the same context as you provide for the spider though !

    Keeping hold of the ' you ' inside you all the time could be a dangerous thing to do ! Humans must ride the rhythm of the changing tide. The spider remains the spider, but the human remains not the human. We are consumer, parent, lover, father, son, working boy, taxpayer, cardriver...we must be ( in context) offender, thief, transgressor, breaker of rules...we must be polite, angry, sweet, delightful, sad, happy...we must be tempe- remental and sometimes we must show remorse, restrain, sarrow, me the ' real ' human !?


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