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Date: Thu 13 Mar 2003 - 19:27:39 GMT

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    > If you anticipated a response from me, based upon previous
    > performances, and I did not supply one, then, no, I would not be
    > performing, and your delight or disappointment (I won't presume) will
    > also not be performances, within the definition of memetic performance,
    > unless you were to express this delight or disappointment.

    Can 't I than not ' see' your not- performing as a performance !? You do nothing, but I experience this not- performing as a
    ' performance ' from you.

    My anticipation, whatever that will be, wouldn 't in any way not be meaningful to culture !? Both our silence could be very ( ironic) meaningful to culture !?

    And wouldn 't our delight or disappointment not be meaningful, and thus be added in the cultural- pool, to a third party !?


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