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    > There is a fact of performance called indeterminacy, which _has_ to be
    > considered, not to mention the error drift of information distribution
    > itself, not to mention that humans are the performers. These are the
    > randomizing darwinian agents of performance and they are powerful in
    > the cultural landscape.


    I don 't quite see where any performance originates !? I see where it gets its info once established, but I don 't see where it all began..... Where does an original performance orginates if, like I understand your sheme, ' nature ' has no ' performance ' !?

    Nature is/ has to be just there as the origin for the ran- domizing Darwinian agents out of which eventually culture results !? I see that errors and drifts and humans can cause shifts in the performance its outcome, but I don 't see where a new performance begins....I don 't have it here about a rehearsel the second time around or about a replication but about new ' new ' ones.....


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