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Date: Wed 12 Mar 2003 - 05:42:48 GMT

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    On Tuesday, March 11, 2003, at 10:33 PM, Grant wrote:

    > Sure, I passed it on by performing it

    Yeah, you surely did perform, something, maybe something quite close to your memory of the performance.

    And that's what's in your mind- the memory of the performance. I ain't sayin' you don't got memories, I'm just saying that _nothing_ got
    'passed' from you to your son, or from your dad to you. You, and he, might just, however, remember a performance, and the time/space of culture might just remain constant enough, or recover enough properties, to enable you to perform using your memories.

    > Most of what I know how to
    > do is stored in the same way, waiting to be used

    Yup. And a lot of things you don't know, that either are autonomic or unconscious, get performed as well, in the time/space of performance. What the performance model _denies_ (and IMHO it's totally justified in doing so), is any magical thing that gets 'passed on'.

    What _is_ this thing?

    Why ain't it just memory and attempted performance?

    Why doesn't your own 'sure' make an impression upon you? Is there really some reason to remain so religiously attached to this ghostly memeinthemind?

    - Wade

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