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Date: Mon 10 Mar 2003 - 23:31:45 GMT

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    Dear Bruce,

    Well done, and thank you.

    I do hope that someday we can discuss these matters on this list -- from a memetic point of view there are much rich materials for discussion and research appearing daily. But given the state of the list today, you have done the only thing possible.


    [Jake] Since this involved one of our uniquely credible miscreants, Joe Dees, on behalf of the Church of the Virus, and in the interest of keeping your own forum manageable, as many of us at the CoV follow this forum as well, I invite you to follow the war and peace thread over to the CoV, here,;action=display;threadid=28065;


    "re: virus: memes against war?"

    . . . on the Email list, where it may stay briefly before it will get moved onto the BBS proper if it lasts long enough. Note that the CoV takes no stand at this point on current war/peace issues as we can't collectively get our own crap together on this one, but I do recognize the moderation issue that this has grown into. So if you want to continue the discussion go there and check it out. Please keep in mind and respect our own moderation interests as we may decide to move threads like this into appropriate places on the BBS.


    -Jake Sapiens

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