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Date: Mon 10 Mar 2003 - 23:08:20 GMT

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    Sixty years ago my father taught me a series of moves on the chess board with which I could mate an opponent in three moves. He called it "fools mate." Now I'm teaching it to my grandson. If I haven't been carrying that meme around in my head for the past 60 years, how can I use it and teach it today? Sure, I passed it on by performing it, but I recovered the gambit from my mind and I think that's pretty good proof that it's been sitting in there waiting to be used for the past 60 years. I didn't recover it from a book or by watching someone else do it recently. Most of what I know how to do is stored in the same way, waiting to be used or passed to someone else. If it's not stored in the mind or the brain, where is it?


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