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    > How can we be the human in what we perform if the performance-space is
    > constantly changing' !?

    The exact same way a spider remains a spider even though it needs to make a completely different web, every time, against a new branch or wall or leaf.

    When the human evolves, let me know.

    > So where does this need to group together in [meme]plexes come from if
    > not some obscure natural/meme- tical conformative process!

    Nothing obscure about survival and the mechanisms of (social) gathering. Chimps do it. Apes do it. Ants do it.

    > Or do you account for the existence of already formed coherent
    > info-clusters which as such are communicated!?

    The time/space of performance within a culture possesses all the properties required to continue the performances of that culture. The scripts are in view, the stage hands are all present.

    > How does the dancer know how to dance the polka if he hasn't any
    > meme-ory about it somewhere hidden in his brain!?

    The performer _should_ also come intact with the skills and memories and properties necessary to attempt the performance, but, this is in no way guaranteed. I have no idea how to dance, much less the polka, but, I could perform _something_ on a dance floor while what someone else described as being a polka was being played by the orchestra. I think the time/space of that culture would reject me outright, and rather soon, and I'd be back at a table sipping wine before I knew it. But, I don't need any meme or any memory of a polka to attempt a dance one- all I need is the time/space of performance- I need to be in a dance hall during a polka. If I want someone to dance a polka with me, then I need some training, but, hey, training is one of the things a culture does.

    Sit, Fido.

    - Wade

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