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Date: Mon 10 Mar 2003 - 18:20:24 GMT

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    On Monday, March 10, 2003, at 11:09 AM, Kenneth wrote:

    > If I write something to you and you don't reply, the former
    > is indeed intercourse and performance but isn't the latter
    > part of the same category !?

    > Would the meaning of being ignorant not be added, as
    > a 'meaningful-frame' to the cultural memepool!?

    If you anticipated a response from me, based upon previous performances, and I did not supply one, then, no, I would not be performing, and your delight or disappointment (I won't presume) will also not be performances, within the definition of memetic performance, unless you were to express this delight or disappointment.

    Keith has filtered me out, taken his ball home, so I do not anticipate any responses from him. I am disappointed in some ways, as I value his anti-cult stance most highly, but delighted in others, as I find his memetic views to be misguided, and he seems to not desire to make them any clearer to me, so that I could find some relevance in them. So be it.

    But, yes, as you say, 'not-performing' is not 'not-moving', but, yes, it is not meaningful to culture, in that it has no power to affect the time/space of performance, which is the agent of cultural evolution. Such non-performance is less than a shadow in this time/space. Someone else may come and say 'Kenneth is being very quiet', and then, and only then, unless you remarked upon your silence yourself, would your non-performance be performance.

    As for meanings being important in the time/space, only time can tell.

    - Wade

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