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    > On Sunday, March 9, 2003, at 03:17 PM, memetics-digest wrote:
    > > But we do not live in an isolated present, bereft of memories and
    > > anticipations. You illegitimately fragment the phenomenological flow
    > > of sequential consciousness into a polyfurcated string of nonrelational
    > > moments.
    > Don't seem like that to me. We do not, indeed, live in an isolated
    > present- it is filled with performances caused by memories and
    > anticipations.
    > I only fragment the actual performance from these memories and
    > anticipations, and I do so legitimately- please ask any performer.

    So Wade, are you saying here that performances are caused by memories and by anticipations and that thus the actually perfor- mance ( the result of the above interaction) stands completely loose from its originals !? If so, I do see how the performance stands in itself seperate from the individual but does this not also mean that it got ' a life of its own ' or ' a life by ', like in previous posts about your performance- scheme came about !? In that sense the performance would indeed count as it was a/ the meme....

    Like I understand you, now_ your take on things is balancin' some what close to mine. I often said, that in cases of under- standing the meme ( by the receiver ), he have to have know- ledge about what the sender is talking. In this case the per- formance would be ' the understanding '....!? For a good and complete ' understanding ' of the meme the receiver must have access to all what is avaible as additional info to comprehend. What is finally shaped in one's mind is the end- result of all those agents... but one problem, al- though_ is the final result just due to the Darwinian natural selection of things !? Intention and thus Lamarckism comes to mind.


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