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Date: Mon 10 Mar 2003 - 10:51:24 GMT

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    > On Sunday, March 9, 2003, at 07:17 AM, Kenneth wrote:
    > > If thus I didn't write this, I still have added something to the
    > > social/cultural intercourse.
    > Non-logical conclusion....
    > Because, because, you did. You did.
    > And, by definition, intercourse requires such performance.

    Of course I did, I had to, to make you understand how I see things. If I didn 't write any reply to your previous posts, I wouldn 't perform anything according to your point of view. But I did something......I did ' nothing ' ! And if I did not perform, it would made you happy, no !? You would have spent more time on other replies besides mine. Writing this is performance and I add something to the
    ' cultural ' intercourse between the two of us. If I did nothing, what in itself can be seen as a performance, I also would add something to the same ' cultural pool '.... nothing ! And that fact would have made you happy !

    Intercourse needs indeed by definition performance between two or more people/ things, but saying nothing, doing nothing can ' say ' so much more ! If I write something to you and you don 't reply, the former is indeed intercourse and performance but isn 't the latter part of the same category !? Wouldn 't I understand what you trying to say !? Wouldn 't that be part of the cultural/ social intercourse we have !? People ignore all the time things and other people, don 't you think this attitude adds something to the cultural/ social memepool of which those people are part !? Would the meaning of being ignorant not be added, as a ' meaningful- frame ' to the cultural memepool !?


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