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    > Where I think there is a lack of
    > analysis and a need for investigation is the interaction of this human
    > animal using these usual behavioral actions with the environment he
    > creates and moves in- the performance space that is the survival
    > environment. Problem is, humans alter their survival environment in
    > many more ways then most other creatures do. And that is what I would
    > call memetics- the alteration of the performance space. We can see
    > humans as agents within this space without needing any individually
    > unique item of skill within their bodies- they are just acting like
    > humans. It is the environment they are acting within that is the
    > memetic transferal agent- what we are is what we perform, and
    > performance is linked to the time/space it occurs within.

    The above intrigued me ! The human survival environment can be altered without any conscient awareness of the human involved, no !? Or could be altered by other humans without the consent of the human involved, no !? Thus in a sense our survival environment is altered with intend by others, although that notion can be scrutinized_ our space where we usual per- form is altered, how can we than act within it without having an unique/ individualistly skill ( call it memes) to survive !? How is it thus possible to act like humans if constanly the environment where we suppose to be acting like ones is altered by others !? How can we be the human in what we perform if the performance- space is constantly changing' !?

    I say, you need for a fact, an individualistic skill ( memes !?) to dis- tinguich yourself from others. Groupbounding is just a by- product of what can be catalogued as individualistic survival traits. The misconception is the notion that we need other people/ humans to ' survive '. We don 't need them, we (mis- & ab)USE them !

    If in memetic terms, like you acknowledge every meme have to be created enew every time and thus never two things, how similar they might look, can be exactly the same, ( due to the shift of the space/ time), in my view everything and thus everybody is indi- vidualisticly unique. So where does this need ( ever for memes) to group together
    ( in- plexes) comes from if not by some obscure natural/ meme- tical conformitive- process !?

    Each time, every time, everything and everybody has to begin again from scratch, over and over again- there isn 't a ' time- parameter ' to form everlasting clusters, is there !?

    Or do you account for the existence of already formed cohe- rent info- clusters which as such are communicated !? Dance is a single meme than, Dance the polka is the cluster !? How does the dancer know how to dance the polka if he hasn 't any meme- ory about it somewhere hidden in his brain !?



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