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Date: Mon 10 Mar 2003 - 00:28:54 GMT

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    > On Monday, Feb 10, 2003, at 22:44 US/Eastern, memetics-digest wrote:
    > > Subject: Re: A paper on thought contagions in mass conflict
    > I didn't know you were british, Aaron. Wonderful paper, though,
    > especially after I replaced all the 'programme', 'colour' and
    > 'behaviour's with their more effective and shorter variants.
    > Evolution....
    > ;-)
    > - Wade

    Thanks, Wade. (Regarding the paper at

    Sorry the paper became a little harder for you to read. I wanted to make the reading as easy as possible for the Swedish researchers, who, after all, were already going much further to accommodate me by holding the whole event in English rather than Swedish. They use the UK spellings in their English-language papers.

    --Aaron Lynch

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