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Date: Sun 09 Mar 2003 - 23:30:03 GMT

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    On Sunday, March 9, 2003, at 03:17 PM, memetics-digest wrote:

    > But we do not live in an isolated present, bereft of memories and
    > anticipations. You illegitimately fragment the phenomenological flow
    > of
    > sequential consciousness into a polyfurcated string of nonrelational
    > moments.

    Hmmm. I do?

    Don't seem like that to me. We do not, indeed, live in an isolated present- it is filled with performances caused by memories and anticipations.

    I only fragment the actual performance from these memories and anticipations, and I do so legitimately- please ask any performer.

    And it is culture that determines the relations of the moments.

    - Wade

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