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Date: Sun 09 Mar 2003 - 23:19:14 GMT

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    Hi, Jeremy,

    Can you say more about:

    > When I was living with an Indigenous Australian group which had not had a
    > lot of outside contact, the change in children's behaviour was observable
    > when they got a VCR and started watching USAnian crap.

    > For me, memetic engineering is akin to propaganda, but it operates at a
    > more subtle level.
    > If we look at the Nazi regime's manipulation of art and theatre,
    > we can see
    > this effect, and, dare I say, it is observable in poor Joe's
    > foaming at the
    > mouth replies to any critique of his beloved USAnia's war on Islam.
    > Making war to create peace is an oxymoron and can never work. War,
    > especially such a one sided war, will perpetuate violence and only profit
    > arms dealers.
    > Sorry to be lurking for so long all. And Joe, don't worry, I am far too
    > busy to reply too much at the moment as I am running an election campaign.

    What campaign? Are you the candidate? If so, best of luck, amigo.

    Please note: it is NOT a case of the USA's war on Islam -- it is a 'war' only by USA neoconservatives and SOME Christian fundamentalists.

    Cheers, Lawry

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