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Date: Sun 09 Mar 2003 - 21:13:52 GMT

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    At 07:33 AM 10/03/03 +1100, you wrote:
    > Hi Jeremy. If it were possible to inject a meme into an
    organisation that would fix all the problems then I would be delighted. The reality is that memes do not work this way. The memes carried in the movies were a result of
    >the culture that made the movies, not intentionally planted to corrupt
    >aboriginal kids. Good luck with the election. Regards, Bruce Howlett

    We must agree to differ Bruce, and media studies was my first BA. It is my perception is that the US movie machine has a normative conditioning function. The intention is to spread a specific attitude around the globe. Where this is resisted due to pre-existing memetic, or cultural codes, the centre of resistance is denounced as being 'un-american'. In the past, as it is now, if this 'un-american' sentiment is bad for usanian domination of culture (and business) active and/or covert intervention is deemed to be necessary. Jeremy Jeremy Bradley - The Greens' Candidate in Oxley 3200 Oxley Hwy Wauchope 2446 Phone:02 65856652 or 02 65856134 Mobile: 0428 856134 E-mail:

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