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Date: Sun 09 Mar 2003 - 19:50:52 GMT

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    At 12:44 PM 09/03/03 -0600, you wrote:
    > > the warmongers are constantly talking about how supposedly, we need
    > > war to make peace. what an oxymoronic neo-conservative media spinning
    > > crock of bullshit. the iraqi war would only kill thousands of U.S.
    > > troops, tens of thousands of iraqi's and cost the country hundreds of
    > > billions of dollars. I'm not sure if you live in america but we are
    > > very aware of the costs of the war. the majority of american people
    > > are opposed to the war but bush (who also did not win with a majority
    > > of the votes) continues to bang the war drum. your response disgusts
    > > me!
    > >
    >Actually, 59% of US citizens support the US policy, and 84% believe
    >that Saddam is indeed flummoxing the inspectors. Let the Kurds,
    >Shiites and Sunnis of Iraq choose; they are BEGGING us to liberate
    >them! They have already lost a million people to that mustachioed
    >madman in the past two decades and eight million have fled into exile
    >and refugeehood. They would vastly prefer to lose thousands of
    >citizens to unintentional death in a quick liberation on the other side of
    >which lies freedom, democracy and human rights, than to have another
    >million brutally butchered by Saddam over the next twenty years. As far
    >as the cost; war does cost, but 9/11 cost more than 100 billion. We
    >must not allow that to happen again with smuggled-in WMD's.

    Joe makes the case that there are cost on both sides which might be higher than a quick war.

    That is likely true, though it should be tempered by the chance that something *worse* than Saddam could emerge.

    Along such a line, there was a story of Iraq troops walking over the border and trying to surrender. I don't know exactly what happened, but they may have been sent back and told to wait till the war starts.

    Keith Henson

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