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Date: Sun 09 Mar 2003 - 16:03:55 GMT

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    On Sunday, March 9, 2003, at 07:17 AM, memetics-digest wrote:

    > As my forgoing example amply demonstrates, you saam to entertain an
    > exceedingly narrow view of what constitutes performance or its
    > alteration.

    To the contrary, I view performance with a very wide lens. But at least I acknowledge it- you seem to think it somehow is not necessary.

    That newspaper article you mention- is that not a performance? Of course it is.

    > A novel meme alters the gestalt in which it
    > embeds, so that other memes, and other behaviors based upon them,
    > are altered, even if the initial meme is not recommunicated.

    This statement is ludicrously meaningless to the performance model.

    Herein somewhat modified to make some sense to the performance model-

    "A performance might alter the gestalt in which it occurs, and other performances following it might alter the gestalt even more, or reinforce the ability to continue similar performances."

    - Wade

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