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    > On Saturday, March 8, 2003, at 06:55 PM, memetics-digest wrote:
    As such it is not part of the culture pool, but its possible potential
    > > shapes ideas.
    > Again, I'm totally at a loss to see how something completely
    > uncommunicated within an individual's brain is somehow shaping any
    > ideas, whatsoever. If it is not part of the culture pool, it ain't even
    > getting wet.
    > If it is not part of the solution, it is nowhere. Nada. I am more than
    > willing to say that an individual can think and manufacture dreams and
    > images within his mind all day long and into the wee hours, but I am
    > not willing to say that, once his performance is over, that what was in
    > his mind was what was performed, or that what was in his mind was
    > apprehended in any way (even if, some future day to be decided, we
    > might look into his brain's processes very minutely), or that
    > subsequent individual minds, forming more thoughts, and hence
    > performing, need have any connection to that original thought, whatever
    > it was.

    But it does ! Thinking or not- thinking about Pamela Anderson alters, displaces, moves, changes already existing information inside your brain and on a later date those dispositions will have an affect on how you will perform. It is a continious moving around of information- furniture inside your brain, constantly what is held inside your head is altered, and those changes will have an affect in a later future. Not thinking at something, makes room for other information- blocks, thinking about the same object will make less room for others. In either way, it will a(e)ffect you.

    Non- thinking about something is cultural usefull because you have created room for other things to think about, things that will be cultural usefull. If I did nothing today, non- perform anything, you will never have received this message, and it would, indeed, from your point of view, be better so, because my post is cultural useless, but for some reason I ought to write this, performed something and added something to the social/ cultural intercourse. If thus I didn 't write this, I still have added something to the social/ cultural intercourse.


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