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    > On Monday, March 3, 2003, at 09:19 PM, memetics-digest wrote:
    > > Hokay, take someone, remove their brain, and try to get behavior out of
    > > what's left.
    > Hokay, take someone at birth, blind 'em and deafen them, and try to get
    > cultural behavior out of them.
    > I totally agree that behavior is dependent upon an active brain. But I
    > also don't need meme-ories within it to produce _cultural behavior_. I
    > just raise them within an external culture. They will get memories,
    > their language will happen, they will become social, and they will
    > perform culturally.

    Does in a way autistic behavior count as a form of cultural behavior !? How do we define cultural behavior in the context of people who do live within themselves, lack initiative and have poor expression- modes for mimic, gestures and speech !?

    How do you will produce, our all day cultural behavior inside an autistic brain !? You need at least some vague dispostions about our cultural intercourse to produce some edaquate behavior, some- thing of which autistics are afraid of. Our world is a frighting place for them. Can you raise such a kid within the same cultural concep- tual context as one other !? Or do you raise such a kid within an " external frame ", one that eventually fits within our cultural framework !? Would parents have to invent a sub- cultural- mode to raise their kids in !? Such kids will have memories, will have a language, but will they have become social or will they perform cultural as expected by the definition we apply !?

    I doubt that !


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