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    > Wouldn't it be better to say that some messages have meanings "to me" and
    > some don't have meaning "to me" instead of making absolute statements?
    > Doesn't it also make sense to say that different messages will have
    > different meanings to you and me?

    It does also make sense to say that different messages will have the same/ an alike meaning to you and me, and it would also make sense to say that the same/ an alike message will have a different meaning to you and me.
    > Does the message change?

    As such no ! Once a message is said it will stay that way, just the ways of interpretation, of how we interpretate, what we might belief or what we disagree with will be changed due to the contents of the initial message. Once a message have been said our own, individual conceptual context will surround it_ we will make the message our ' own '. You can never be absolute about what have been said, because somewhere, someone will differ its meaning, how insignificant that difference will and can be.

    ' Killroy was here ' has been written down on a thousand walls but where the message/ meaning seem to be the same, context and the shift in space/ time makes it everytime different. The thousands of handwritings are making the message each time different.


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