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Date: Sun 09 Mar 2003 - 03:11:34 GMT

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    The adjustment is not needed before, but during the entry and long after.

    If you state before, where does this takes place and how does this work !?


    I agree the meme often has to be changed before it will be acceptable to the individual's meme pool. This is done mainly through communication with other members of the society with which the recipient associates. Talking about a subject with people we know helps make new memes acceptable -- or not, depending on how the others feel about it. Words that reinforce your world view will make a meme more acceptable than words that would alter that view, which make it harder to accept.

    The meme of war with Iraq will be altered by who you know and what they have to say about it. If your friends are for it and you voted for Bush, it will be easier to find it acceptable. If your friends are against it and you voted Democratic, chances are it will be harder to fit it into your world view. There are lots of other memes in the average person's head that will influence thoughts about war, including military service, patriotism, even a history of playing football in highschool. These things change how you view the whole idea of war and who and what needs to be faught against.


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