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Date: Sat 08 Mar 2003 - 22:00:42 GMT

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    > > From: <>
    > > > > Why should the meme need adjustments to fit in one's head !?
    > > > > I do think this process works the other way round, that is the
    > > > > already existing memes will be influenced by the newbie.
    > > > > What can be, is that pieces of the initial info- spam of with the
    > > > > ' meme ' is part is cut out ( by a slice and divide mechanism) so
    > > > > that it would fit better the requirements needed to be picked up.
    > > > > In genetics such an enzyme exists.
    > > > Actually, I see mutual accommodation occurring.
    > > How is that, Joe !?
    > The meme accommodates to the cognitive environmental niche
    > afforded it as the cognitive gestalt is affected by and accommodates to
    > the new component meme. Each time a new meme is accepted into the
    > cognitive gestalt, a new gestalt is formed, and the status of each
    > componenet is subtly altered due to the effects of the new component,
    > as the new component is itself affected by its assimilation into a
    > different cognitive gestalt.

    So, if I understand you correctly you are saying that with the changes within the cognitive gestalt the memepool is changed and that thus each component by which those are formed are accordingly changed/ altered. Does this than not mean that you don 't exclude that changes to the gene- tic component occur !? What makes, if so, that change possible if not the slippin' thru ' of some
    ( memetical !? ) the genes/ genetic compo- nent !?

    Or does this only work on the level of the cognitive gestalt !? That thus not only the newbie effects its own environment where its eventually ends up, but that thus that change affects the newbie as well............without changing the lay back genetic background/ germline at all !?


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