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Date: Sat 08 Mar 2003 - 21:44:31 GMT

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    You're right of course, I too saw those pictures. Don 't get me wrong here, I soley have it here about the words/ language used to support the notion of a ' clean ' war. The thing you call disinformation shows/ proofs indeed that it wasn 't so clean as it was portrayed.

    Without the use of live- images, the notion of a ' clean ' war will stay around. Targets is an abstraction unless you see the face of the dead soldier and the tears of his wife and children.

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    > In the coverage by example on CNN you never will see,
    > death of injured people, always pictures taken from a great
    > hight. Those images support the use of the words, the ' clean '
    > contents of the war doesn't show how people are blown to pieces.
    > War has become a virtual, technological part of a playstation-
    > game.
    > Because of the fact that the image of one death American soldier
    > can traumatize a whole county, the US opts for airraids. "

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