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    > Why should the meme need adjustments to fit in one's head !?
    > I do think this process works the other way round, that is the
    > already
    > existing memes will be influenced by the newbie.
    > New memes tend to keep out those that don't fit into the meme pool of the
    > people who see or hear them. Those that do get accepted will change the
    > shape of the meme pool in the individual mind. Repition will make memes
    > more acceptable. You've heard, no doubt, that if you repeat a lie often
    > enough people will begin to believe it. What other people around you
    > believe and repeat make what they say more acceptable. But a single
    > exposure, unless it is accompanied by some emotional experience, seldom
    > makes it into the world view of the individual.

    Patricks initial intent I think was to say that memes needed adjustments ever before they enter/ fit in your head. Like I said in my post to Wade, what stays and what must go out to reach for the requirements set out so that the meme can go inside your brain/ mind/ head !? Where does this adjustment- process takes place if not inside your head where already residing memes are in control !? The adjustment is not needed before, but during the entry and long after.

    If you state before, where does this takes place and how does this work !?


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