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    In the coverage by example on CNN you never will see, death of injured people, always pictures taken from a great hight. Those images support the use of the words, the ' clean ' contents of the war doesn't show how people are blown to pieces. War has become a virtual, technological part of a playstation- game. Because of the fact that the image of one death American soldier can traumatize a whole county, the US opts for airraids. "

    ( Taken from an article I read)


    An interesting bit of disinformation. During the previous war with Iraq, CNN provided on-the-ground coverage and pictures of the actual missiles flying by the windows of the hotel where the reporters were staying. Later, they showed us pictures of bombed-out schools and shelters with soldiers carrying dead bodies out and gave us the Iraqui take on everything they covered. Yet I keep hearing that old refrain that CNN is the mouthpiece of the U.S. government and they only show one side of the picture. Even on the major news media I keep hearing everything that Sadam and others have to say about the war and how the U.S. is responsible for all the deaths that are going to take place in that war. Just the other day a major new media (CBS I think) interviewed Sadam and showed it to the world with his view of the whole issue. In addition, I saw on NBC Iraqi ambasadors and others making Sadams points on what is going on. On PBS, I watched as dead Palestinians were shown lying in villages and streets and heard what they had to say about the Jews. What amazes me is how people can watch CNN all over the world and reach the conclusion that the coverage is completely biased in favor of the U.S. They never seem to see the anti-American rhetoric that also gets aired. It convinces me more than ever that people see what they want to see and ignore what they don't want to believe, even when it's right in front of them. How do I, living in San Diego, know what Osama bin Laden said on Al Jezeera last week? Was it sent directly to my mind through ESP? No. It was on every American news media.

    I'll admit, the majority of what we see and hear are shaped by government attempts to control that media but I wonder how much of Bush's or Blair's viewpoint on the war is broadcast to the people of Iraq and why nobody seems to even fleetingly mention that. Biased reporting, to my mind, is not an American or British monopoly, by any means. I can't think of a country or government that doesn't indulge in it.


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