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Date: Sat 08 Mar 2003 - 20:48:29 GMT

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    > > does one not also need to assume that there is some
    > > adjustment of the meme a bit to fit into the new heads' space
    > Why not assume there is no meme whatsoever in there, but that the
    > 'adjustment' is being made in extrinsic space, i.e. when the cultural
    > action is being performed?
    No need to 'fit' things in, then.

    But where goes all the additional info go needed to perform such a cultural action !? Some additional info will be needed to perform the cultural action like it should be, you need contextual background information to perform a cultural action correctly.

    And what kind of adjustment is needed !? What stays and what is left behind !? You give an enormous ' affective ' power to the brain/ mind. I like that, but where does this power gets its info to get its motor running, all the time every time....


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