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Date: Sat 08 Mar 2003 - 20:17:49 GMT

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    > > If a meme is pure information, then it's transfer from one medium to
    > > another should adhere to the classical model of communications as
    > > described by Claude Shannon. A low signal-to-noise ratio could be
    > > responsible for the differences between the original incarnation of a
    > > and the resulting neural representation of it in your head.

    > I agree....but does one not also need to assume that there is some
    > adjustment of the meme a bit to fit into the new heads' space, with lots
    > different memes in it? (The analogy I would use is implementing the same
    > piece of software into different environments usually requires adjustments
    > to the software in some ways unless both the environments are "Gatesian"
    > all-Wintel)

    Why should the meme need adjustments to fit in one's head !? I do think this process works the other way round, that is the already existing memes will be influenced by the newbie.

    What can be, is that pieces of the initial info- spam of with the ' meme ' is part is cut out ( by a slice and divide mechanism) so that it would fit better the requirements needed to be picked up. In genetics such an enzyme exists.


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