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Date: Fri 07 Mar 2003 - 02:40:04 GMT

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    At 07:18 AM 06/03/03 -0800, Grant wrote:

    >I can't help but think the environment of the meme is the mind. That's
    >where all the action takes place of cognition, use, transmission,
    >reception and storage. Of course, all of these things are actions but
    >they take place within the brain and the body.

    While all these do take place in the brain/mind, I think you have to include a little larger picture, that of off-line storage (books artifacts, etc.).

    If you buy into a meme being information, in brains or on a memo pad, it's still a meme. To be sure a meme on a paper isn't going to induce the
    *paper* to do anything, but if a person reads it, it could take an active form.

    I fully agree with you that the environment of the mind is the only place a meme becomes active.

    Not unlike a cell nucleus being the only place where gene becomes active.

    Keith Henson

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