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Date: Fri 07 Mar 2003 - 02:09:14 GMT

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    At 11:45 AM 06/03/03 -0600, Joe Dees wrote:


    >And that sounds like behavioristic positivism. The brain is a black box
    >no longer; we can see inside it, in real time, with MEG. It makes no
    >sense to skip back 50+ years into the past and deny the existence of
    >what could not be investigated then, but is increasingly being mapped
    >out now.

    So true. But we could and did have genetics before people understood the details of DNA. You could see and count coat color on rabbit offspring or distinguish kinds of peas. Likewise, we can have memetics by observing what people do without understanding the details of what goes on in those black boxes between the ears.

    Keith Henson

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