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    > On Thursday, March 6, 2003, at 11:49 AM, memetics-digest wrote:
    > > What seems strange to me thought, is the fact that women always seem
    > > to be offended by the representation of the phallus, never heard that
    > > men
    > > were offended by watching a woman 's vagina made out of snow or of
    > > whatever. Is there somewhere a memetic difference in how we see
    > > things here or what !?
    > From They Whisper, by Robert Olen Butler

    ( SNIP)

    Hi Wade,

    Are you saying, accordingly by the article, that women can 't be " offended
    " by their own sexual attribute because they can 't " see " it !? And that in some strange way they focus their attention on the penis because that is/ becomes visible !? Maybe a strange deduction from my part of the world but would that than not explain the ' memetic war ' we have read in the original article about those females destroying a snow phallus !? And that in addition the whole argument about showing a penis, under form of any art- form, can be reduced to the same argument !?

    Showing the ( erected) penis is memeticly more harmful than showing one cunt !? Why would that be, metaphorically speaking, I would prefer to watch the penis, womens vagina is one place hidden away in the mids of a dark forest... a cave, full of mistery but nevertheless it can suck you inside and watch you die....


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