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        Perceptual categorization is thus an inherent part of visual processing, and it is difficult to even talk about object recognition without reference to categorization.

    What the memeinthemind proponents discuss as 'memes' may, perhaps, (I certainly think so), merely be this categorization, which is not unique to any brain with [visual] sensory apparatus. Thus, manufacturing a special case of categorization called a 'meme' in a brain is specious, if not wholly unnecessary, unless you want to simply call _all_ mental categorizations
    'memes' and be done with that. That would allow birdsong to be called memetic, that's for sure.

    - Wade

    Categorization is just the beginning of the process. I'ts part of perception. Perception is based on categories already established. Memes are created when perceptions are used to establish relationships between categories. I see an object on a field of objects. It fits the category of
    "house." I notice the color on the house fits the category "white." I tell a friend, "The white house on Hill Street is for sale." I have taken a perception, put it together with other perceptions and blended the whole into a meme concerning that perception. Then I encoded and transmitted that meme to one or more friends or acquaintances. Now we all share a meme or concept that began with my perception of a house and the environment in which it stood. It may be true or false (the house may have been sold already) but what was created in my head out of my perceptions now exists in the heads of several people.


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