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    > What I'm getting at is that there may be divergence from brain to paper
    > vice versa just as there may be divergence between brains. I'm not sure
    > variation could be shoehorned into a reified abstraction such as the

    Hm, interesting observation, something to look into IMO. The first idea that comes to mind is that such a supposition can only be drawn from a meme- meme- eye view. Whatever reason could memes has in their ways finding more ways to propagate, than to diverge information from brain to paper and vice versa !? From brain to brain is just yet another mode, but what you imply as written as above may have only meaning in the context of maintaining the host integrity ( in the meaning of completeness...).

    If information is NOT diverted, for whatever reason, that would mean that 1- inbedded info can and may be altered, and 2- that hostile info can and may snip thru'. In both cases the host his memes will suffer. Is this a kind of defense- mechanism !?


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