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    > > But at the gross level of looking at the spread of memes in
    > > human culture, the invariant information rather than its physical form
    > > is all that is important.
    > No-one has any clue what Stonehenge is _really_ there for, but we have
    > some good ideas.
    > I hold to just the opposite of the above- at any gross level, only the
    > physical form is comprehended, and the original information is not only
    > capable of only being deduced, but may, at any point, considering time
    > and situation, be undeducible.

    Just buzzin ' in,

    But how invariant is actually invariant !? We all seem to think that the speed of light is a constant, but minor differentialities do occur, so what is the point of using such a defenition after all if not one of comformity !?

    And to what extend can information be invariant !? At such a point information becomes absolute and that can 't be the thing we're after, no !?


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