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Date: Thu 06 Mar 2003 - 12:33:25 GMT

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    On Wednesday, March 5, 2003, at 11:07 PM, Joe wrote:

    >> Yes, you have no memes in your brain- no information passed on in
    >> identical form from one artifact or behavior to another. What you have
    >> is, as you say, accessibility to the stored information (memories) in
    >> your brain, according to the way you've stored it, or it's been
    >> allowed to be stored in that brain, both by intrinsic processes of
    >> mental development and extrinsic processes of cultural environment and
    >> learning.
    > Memories are meme-ories, and may not only be stored in the brain, but
    > alos modified there.

    Memories are just memories, imperfect as they are- "accomodated for assimilation by a similar yet not identical cognitive gestalt." Memes happen in behavior, and they are created anew every time.
    'Modification' happens due to the effects of performer's skill-set and audience observation in the time/space of performance.

    > The medium is the structure; the meaning is the semantic contyent.

    Semantic content is a cultural arm-chair observation.

    >> The nub, because I disagree with this. None of it has any meaning
    >> until you perform it. There is no meaning, (review your first quote)
    >> in your head.
    > You cannot physically perform what you do not cognitively possess.

    When you fall, you have no cognitive possession whatsoever of your physical performance. There is a serendipity present in all performances, and there is no reason to not culturally replicate the fall. And, if by 'cognitive possession' you mean 'conscious intention'
    (not that you do), but, that is highly debatable. Even the most skilled of performers will relate that their finest performances were the ones where they almost didn't seem to be there, consciously they were detached from the performance.

    But, if what you are saying is that physical performance is in someway identical to cognitive possession, well, that is patently fallacious.

    And where it is not, which is in the time/space of the performance itself, is where the meme is.

    - Wade

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