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Date: Thu 06 Mar 2003 - 11:58:09 GMT

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    > I actually think this is of interest to the list as it demonstrates two
    > things. First the fear of the embodiment of ideas in artefacts, even such
    > transient ones as snow sculpture, that leads people to defile/destroy
    > Second, it demonstrates the power of ideology, in this case the ideology
    > radical feminism, to lead to extraordinary cases of self-contradiction.
    > this case, radical feminism suggests that the "correct" response to the
    > historical repression of female identity (including, but not exclusively
    > sexual identity) is the repression of male sexuality and indeed the

    Hi all, maybe a little bit overdue, but anyway,

    I agree here, Vincent, it demonstrates not only the power of ideology but also the lack of understanding, of comprehending an actual ' joke '. What seems strange to me thought, is the fact that women always seem to be offended by the representation of the phallus, never heard that men were offended by watching a woman 's vagina made out of snow or of whatever. Is there somewhere a memetic difference in how we see things here or what !?

    Secondly, this demonstrates a far more larger problem and that is the question of sex and nudity in general. Something, can it be more natural, like sex and nudity are still somewhere treated as a social/ cultural taboo. I can recall several incidents where holiday snapshots of playing children in the nude were seen as pornographic, I can recall that images taking by the late Mapplethorpe of homosexuals were taking of the wall because they were treated as ' offensive '....but they were ' art '...

    Shouldn 't we border more about what is really out there, than yackety- yack' about a penis like those students did !? We 're living in 2003, we have Internet, we have technologies where our parents only could dream about and they border about sex....!? Sex sells and either way, women and males are beautiful to look at... some more than others but there you are....



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