Re: Dnosaurs and Cultures

From: Scott Chase (
Date: Thu 06 Mar 2003 - 03:56:55 GMT

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    >Subject: Dnosaurs and Cultures
    >Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 21:41:24 -0600
    >Just because you cannot find all the bones of a dinosaur species does
    >not mean that it did not walk the earth; you just may not be able to say
    >exactly how with apodictic certainty. And just because you cannot
    >completely decipher a dead culture does not mean that it did not once
    >flourish. It also does not mean that the being of the dinosaur, or the
    >meaning of the culture, is forever dead. Given time and technology, the
    >genomes and folkways may yet be reconstructed.
    I'm not saying the cultures of the past didn't flourish, nor that nothing can be learned about them. I'm saying that there's gonna be limits as to what sort of knowledge can be gained.

    Wh am I suddenly getting this image of Joe creating a Jurassic Park sort of attraction on a remote island using memes instead of genes...

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