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Date: Wed 05 Mar 2003 - 21:43:21 GMT

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    But, yes, I am arguing that intention need not be communicated, at all, and can be lost for all time.

    - Wade

    I don't see us having much control over the intentions we communicate. The laugh, the frown, body language, choice of clothing and car are all methods of communication, some of which are voluntary and some involuntary. A raised hand could indicate a desire to hit someone or it might indicate an intent to give a high five. There is a science of body language that allows a person well versed in it to predict a lot of future behavior in the people he comes in contact with. I have often heard people talk about instances in which the mouth smiles but the eyes don't. The eyes give a way the person's true intention. And the folklore of the old west talks about knowing when a man is going to draw his gun by the look in his eye.

    Martial arts make a big deal of this form of anticipation, also. The point is, there is a lot of communication going on that the person communicating isn't consciously aware of. It's intentional in the sense that the body gets prepared to act before the mind decides to carry out that action.


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