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Date: Wed 05 Mar 2003 - 16:30:52 GMT

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    From within my brain, there isn't any difference between wood carvings, hieroglyphics, or this text save that some of the information *appears* more accessible. Is it really, in an absolute sense? I don't know. I can't know. But that inability to understand doesn't limit the universe across time and space.



    You might also recall that priests still speak latin in the Vatican, Jews still speak Hebrew in Israel and priests still speak ancient Greek in Istambul. The church has kept these languages alive through the mass and other ceremonies as well as scholars have done in universities around the world. There are people communicating with each other in Latin, Greek and Hebrew as part of a culture in today's world. Although the cultures are not a big as they once were, they are alive and as well as the church groups that support them.


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