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Date: Wed 05 Mar 2003 - 16:00:39 GMT

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        If you're going to discount the information available in an artifact from the past

    No, I'm not. Nope.

        Anthropology is also a part of our present-day meme pool.

    Sure is.

    Let me revisit the factory analogy, and try to get it more preciously right.

    At one time, we had Model T factories. They made Model T's.

    Today, we have no Model T factories. We have Subaru factories. We cannot make a Model T in a Subaru factory, try as we might.

    But, we do have (still) the technology to make (we have the resources as well) a Model T, if, for some reason, we wanted to.

    But, we don't have any reason to.

    I'm not discounting any of the information in that Model T.

    I'm just saying you won't be seeing a new one in anyone's driveway.

    - Wade

    On the contrary, the recreation and restoration of old cars is almost a fulltime industry in the U.S. We have a club here in San Diego where the restorers put their cars on display every week and exchange information about where parts for old cars can be obtained or who can remanufacture such parts if they are not available. A visit to this club would find brand new and fully functional Model Ts that were driven to the parade ground and are displayed, in operation, at public functions such as parades and in movies about other eras.


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