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    Let me recommend to you once more Johnathan Spence's book, Treason by the Book, in which he details how the Ching Dynasty emperor, YongZheng, in the 1720s, countered the memes of rebellion by writing a book that examined the claims of the rebels and refuted their assertions, then having the book published throughout the empire. It's one of the best studies of Chinese culture and a thin slice of history that I've ever read. Just as interesting, perhaps, is the fact that Spence did most of his research in Taipei, Taiwan using the artifacts that Chiang Kaishek brought over with him when he fled the mainland in 1949. Highly recommended.

    Does Spence ever actually use the term "meme" himself in that book?

    Of course not. Spence is a historian who specializes in China. You have to draw your own conclusions about what the Emperor is doing. The conclusions above are mine.


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