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    >MOTEL OF THE MYSTERIES, David Macaulay. Boston, Houghton
    >Mifflin, 1979, for
    >those who are not yet familiar with this gem of a classic on the
    >interpretation of artifacts for which user knowledge is no
    >longer available.
    >Let me recommend to you once more Johnathan Spence's book, Treason by the
    >Book, in which he details how the Ching Dynasty emperor, YongZheng, in the
    >1720s, countered the memes of rebellion by writing a book that examined the
    >claims of the rebels and refuted their assertions, then having the book
    >published throughout the empire. It's one of the best studies of Chinese
    >culture and a thin slice of history that I've ever read. Just as
    >interesting, perhaps, is the fact that Spence did most of his research in
    >Taipei, Taiwan using the artifacts that Chiang Kaishek brought over with
    >him when he fled the mainland in 1949. Highly recommended.
    Does Spence ever actually use the term "meme" himself in that book?

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