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        Young people could not care less about the re-packaged role model. "I have always thought he was phony," sneered one on the Internet. Others say that Lei Feng is a simple-minded abstraction of revolutionary values. Let him rest in peace.

    And Jefferson kept slaves. Yes, [...] is a simple-minded abstraction of revolutionary values.

    That's also his charm.

    So- what is extinct here?

    - Wade

    A way of looking at their world. An illusion created by the communist party in an attempt to make Chinese people not want to emulate Western values. It's interesting to me that such a small thing as a wristwatch could bring forth the strong emotions of people who lived under that illusion and little or no emotion in people who didn't.

    Basically, though, the article was meant to be a comment on earlier posts regarding human nature and the way people feel about members of their society who refuse to share with others. It doesn't just apply to Eskimo tribes but to every culture I've come into contact with, which suggests it may be a genetic as well as a cultural trait.


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