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Date: Mon 03 Mar 2003 - 18:19:52 GMT

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    >On Sunday, March 2, 2003, at 11:06 PM, memetics-digest wrote:
    >>Look, there used to be two standards for encoding text in computers, ASCII
    >>and EBCD. From the viewpoint of a person reading a printout, they couldn't
    >>tell which method had been used to encode and decode the text, and didn't
    >>care as long as it read the same as it went in. Memes are the same.
    >No, the normal operation of the brain is the same. No need for memes, at
    >all, in this situation.

    Wade cut the last sentence of a paragraph again. The analogy went:

    "Memes are the same. Long as the person playing baseball with you knows how many strikes make an out, what possible difference does it make to you how this number is stored in his brain?"

    Wade didn't answer or even try to make a sensible comment on the analogy based question.

    Not a problem. I have been in electronic discussions a long time and can deal with this kind of behavior.

    Goodbye Wade

    Keith Henson

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