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    > This is true as I have stated and utterly inconsequential to memetics
    > where
    > human brains are properly modeled as black boxes.

    But again, the memeinthemind model has not, in any way, verified or properly explained the validity of the black box.

    > If you asked a large number of American boys how many strikes it takes
    > to
    > get you out in baseball do you have *any* doubt that the vast majority
    > (99%
    > plus) would answer 3? How much more identical can you get?

    I believe there was a donkey called Hans who could answer that question as well. An elicited standard response is not a unique behavior of sports-indoctrinated usanian boys. Indeed, behavioral studies of many species has shown a wide variety of conditioned behaviors.

    The startling probability that culture is also an emergent phenomenon would seem to me to be the more valid model. It does not require some new and unexplained 'black box' to be inserted within the operations of the brain, a 'black box' which, in the memeinmind model, has not been shown, as of yet, to be necessary, although a lot of huffing and puffing is going on, not to mention hand-waving, to claim it is.

    Culture is a behavior. It is also part of the response to an environment that is unique among humans, filled with varieties of artifacts that are not part of nature in several ways.

    But, of course, I must, as is my wont in furthering the memeinperformance model, pursue all and any objections to the memeinthemind model. I am aware I have not convinced too many people, if any, that the memeinperformance is the valid one, but, to me, it is the one that survives after Occam's cuts.

    I can show you the brain, and I can show you varieties of behaviors from this brain in a wide range of creatures. You try to tell me there's some black box inside it that I don't need.

    I ain't buyin' it.

    - Wade

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